Where to Find the Best Glamping in New York & Beyond

If you’re looking for unique glamping in New York and beyond, this is the only guide you need. 

The definition of what constitutes “glamping” today is very broad. Sometimes it involves having a butler and bedsheets with a ridiculous thread count; sometimes it involves pooping in a hole. The underlying thread involves a unique experience that places you somewhat close to nature and doesn’t require the effort that camping involves. 

Your glamping options today are quite insane. They range from your common daydreams of tree houses, yurts, and tiny houses to stuff that you’ve never heard of in the context of a vacation. (Wtf is an eco-pod, Glamping Hub?) 

Below is a thorough collection of all the info you’ll need to find your glamping experience of choice. Happy planning!

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Your best bets for finding glamping experiences that fit your preferred interests & location. 

Local properties that offer glamping in New York, each with its own distinct experience.      

Unique, growing companies that offer glamping(ish) experiences worth trying.


Your best bets for finding glamping experiences that fit your preferred interests & location. 

Photo source: https://www.tentrr.com

Tentrr outfits beautiful private properties with a uniform glamping set-up that feature a canvas tent with a queen bed and wood stove, make-shift porch with adirondack chairs, picnic table, camping grill, fire pit, sun shower, and more.


Besides the fact that all you have to do to experience an incredible nature experience is show up, the big draw is the unique locations of their glamp-sites – which range from completely open fields amidst mountains to hidden grottos to abandoned zoos.

Photo source: https://www.hipcamp.com

Hipcamp is essentially the Airbnb of camping and glamping. Like Tentrr, they specialize in unique experiences on private properties. Unlike Tentrr, they have a wide variety of camping and glamping opportunities to choose from.


When it comes to glamping, the variety of unique structures you can find is on par with Airbnb. Some highlights we’ve found include a train caboose, an old school camper in the woods, and a whimsical hut on a flower farm.


Overwhelmed by the options, but hungry for something unique? Contact us and we’ll take the research burden off your shoulders.

Photo source: https://www.airbnb.com

Airbnb needs no introduction, though it’s worth noting that as their platform has grown, they’ve made it easier to search by property type. Glamping filters now cover tipis, treehouses, yurts, campers, and more. 


Because of its size, it can take longer to find the good stuff, but there’s no doubt that Airbnb has the best goods, the most reviews to verify quality, and the most options for glamping in New York and beyond.


Don’t know where to start? Contact us and we’ll help you uncover the good stuff for your next trip.

Photo source:  https://rallyaway.com/plans (via https://www.airbnb.com)

Self-promotion alert! We’re building a community database for weekend trip ideas, with aspirations of being the only site you’ll need to discover great trip ideas based on your interests. 


We’re collecting the best of each platform and organizing it in a way that helps you easily find what you’re interested in without having to sift through thousands of listings. Use Plans as your jump-off point for finding unique places to stay.


Have you come across an awesome glamping experience? Add an idea to our database and help other travelers discover!

Photo source:  https://glampinghub.com

As the name suggests, Glamping Hub is focused solely on glamping sites. Like Homeaway, it’s not as sleek of a site as Airbnb or Hipcamp, but it does have a huge inventory of glamping options. 


Their properties are organized very well by type of glamping so you can easily search anything from cabooses to domes to eco pods. However, the quality of listings and amount of reviews is definitely subpar relative to Airbnb or Hipcamp. We recommend reserving it as a backup, especially since you’ll find overlapping listings.



Local properties that offer glamping in New York – each with its own distinct experience.      

Photo sources:  http://www.gatherwild.com, https://www.airbnb.com

Gatherwild is home to six unique glamping sites that sleep 2-5 people each, set across a 15-acre property. Your options include luxury tents, a vintage campervan beside a tipi, and a make-shift hut. As part of a peaceful escape to their apple-orchard-turned-ranch, you can explore their vegetable & medicinal herb gardens, have a cookout at communal outdoor kitchen, or even get a full body massage.

Photo source:  http://www.airbnb.com

Mystic Lodge is a unique property in the Catskills featuring the most dreamy tipis you’ve ever seen. Operators Chris & Lisa describe Mystic as “a continuously evolving boutique hotel experience.” In the two years since they launched their first (and very popular) Blue Jay tipi within the rolling fields of a dairy farm, they’ve added two more secluded tipis beside a spring-fed swimming pond on a nearby 52-acre property. 


Read more about Mystic Lodge in Escape Brooklyn

Photo source:  https://www.eastwindny.com

Eastwind Hotel & Bar is a new boutique hotel in the Catskills that features beautiful mountain views and well-designed, Scandinavian-influenced rooms. One of its most unique hooks aren’t its hotel rooms, however, but its A-frame “Lushna” cabins – which rank high on the list of must-try glamping in New York. The cabins draw from the Scandinavian philosophy of camping without sacrificing comforts. The property also has a writer studio, suites, and a bar.

Read more about Eastwind in Travel + Leisure

Photo source:  https://www.firelightcamps.com

Firelight Camps is one of the more upscale options for glamping in New York. Their campground features platform tents (with hardwood floors, safari-inspired furniture, and a patio) that are a bougie step up from camping, plus breakfast service and complementary tastings at the on-site bar are included. You can hike around Buttermilk Falls State Park directly from the grounds or explore the awesome Finger Lakes area by car.  Firelight is open from May through November.

Photo source:  https://camporenda.com/

Camp Orenda is a luxury campsite within Adirondack Park that features six awesome platformed canvas tents. Each tent is surrounded by the park’s towering trees, making for some unforgettable mornings in nature. As if the lodging and setting weren’t enough to sell you, a stay at Orenda also includes all food & drink, as well as activities ranging from kayaking to archery. Open Memorial Day through early October.


Photo source: http://www.outlierinn.com/

The Outlier Inn is a 12-acre communal property in the Catskills and is one of the more popular options on Airbnb offering glamping in New York. The property has a variety of unique bookable structures and homes on-site, ranging from tiny houses to an eye-catching geo dome. Around the Outlier’s unique property, you’ll find farm animals, a greenhouse, vegetable garden, recording studio, fiber arts workshop, summer vintage clothing pop-up, and more.


Unique, growing companies that offer glamping(ish) experiences worth trying.

Photo source: https://www.collectiveretreats.com/

Collective Retreats offers a (very) high-end glamping experience – and are potentially the first to create glamping in New York City. If you’re trying to go big, look no further. Beyond the luxury tents, the experience also includes services such as a concierge to help you plan activities, housekeeping, and on-site chefs. Rates start as low as $150, but can run upwards of $800.


Drawing much from a boutique hotel, Collective’s lux offering boasts additional services to make you feel more pampered get more out of your experience.

Getaway is a young company that creates tiny house experiences in the woods. Their tiny homes aren’t necessarily glamping, but they bring with them the same access to nature, minimalism, and ability to disconnect that make glamping experiences special. A night’s stay is typically between $175-$225 and weekends book up far in advance. 


The Getaway experience goes beyond their tiny homes (which are wonderful retreats in any season) and is brought to life through their brand. Simple touches like a lock box for your phone, a handwritten welcome, a parting postcard with words of wisdom all make the experience quite unique.

Photo source: https://www.escapecampervans.com/

Escape Campervans is a campervan rental company that’s growing quickly. Though mostly on the west coast, their Jersey City positions them as your best pick for mobile glamping in New York. Each of their 500+ vans are uniquely hand-painted and have a personality of its own. 


A road trip in a campervan is a truly unique experience that we believe everyone should experience at least once. You’re essentially bringing your trip with you wherever you go. Escape makes a reality from what is a dream for most people.


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