Plans by Rally Away is an organized database of the internet's best weekend trip ideas.

We’re collecting and organizing the best things to do and places to stay from across the internet to help you get out of town more often.

Use Plans to discover unique Airbnbs, sculpture parks, breweries, farms, baby goats, glamping, castles, and anything else you can enjoy on the weekend. 

We organize our collection so that you can discover based on your interests. Find options for day trips and weekend trips, romantic trips and friend trips, short trips and tall trips and fall trips. (Most kinds of trips, really.)

Currently, we’re growing and evolving Plans around the NYC area.


Plans aspires to be your go-to resource for weekend trip ideas. Our goal is to collect and organize the internet of travel in order to simplify the travel research process, save you time, and inspire more trips.

Today’s internet of travel is amazing. You can literally find whatever you’re into. Unfortunately, it also is overwhelming, fragmented across a thousand sites, and often feels unattainable. (Talking to you, Instagram).

Between Google searches, blog features, media site listicles, Instagram candy, ratings apps, and booking platforms, travel search has become a serious clusterf**k.

When we talk to travelers, the top reason they give for not going on as many trips as they’d like – besides time and money – is difficulty finding time to research or plan.

We built Plans to help ease the time and effort it takes for you to discover interesting trips – and hopefully get you out of town for more weekends in the process.  

We’re currently experimenting and developing Plans around the NYC area, but hope to expand further once we find our mojo.


We’re setting out to organize the internet of travel and create the best resource for quality weekend trip ideas. 

It’s pretty simple. Every idea you find on Plans is…


Ultimately, Plans is for you and your friends. We’re setting out to build the only site you’ll ever need for discovering weekend trip ideas – one that’s helpful, fun, and gets you out of town more often. 

What would be most useful to you? What frustrates you with travel searching? What do you feel is hard to find? Do you have thoughts on how we can improve and grow? 

Shoot us a note below and let us know what’s on your mind.


For most of us, big adventures are daunting and happen once a year if we’re lucky, twice a year if we’re determined.

Yet, riding away to something new – even just for one day – brings with it that spirit of adventure that inspires and re-energizes us.

There’s so much in our own backyards to discover or escape to. It doesn’t require days off or expensive flights, but rather, a simple appreciation for those two glorious days of the week we can always count on for good times.



See you out on the road,

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