Rally Away is a travel company that helps plan trips and builds tools that help you plan trips.

Inspired by reunions in barns, cross-country road trips, and weekend escapes from the city, Rally Away was created to help us all take more breaks for discovery, peace of mind, and quality time with our friends.

We’re here to help friends travel together more often through accessible travel inspiration, ease of planning, and opportunities to travel.

We recently launched our first creation: Plans by Rally Away, a database for weekend trip ideas. We’re collecting and organizing the best things to do and places to stay on the internet to help you get out of town. Read about why we’re building Plans here.

We also help research, plan, and manage group trips. Read more about our travel services here


We’re on a mission to help you & your pals travel together more often.

Sometimes that’ll be through tools (the fun kind), sometimes through experiences, but most importantly, it’ll be through a shared goal: to GTFO of town as often as possible.

Here’s a little guide that helps keep us off track. We bestow it upon you to pester your friends with when they won’t commit to the damn trip.


Justin Sloane・Lead …Person

My life essentially consists of packing weekends with reunions, road trips, and festivals; feeling exhausted from overcommitting myself; and then planning more trips. When not traveling, I’m usually hunting the internet for unique Airbnbs or trying to convince people to use their vacation days. When not travel planning, I mostly just organize things…

I created Rally Away as an outlet for my travel concepts and to make my trip planning addiction public. My hope is to grow it into something that will inspire more travel and quality time with friends, as well as support travel businesses. Prior to Rally, I spent four years doing many different things over at Superfly, the producer of Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and other major events.



See you out on the road,

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